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My Professional Goal...

My goal is to combine beauty and hair health by treating the hair conditions that women experience on their scalp and hair fibers, with a focus on the application of Trichology.

I am passionate when it comes to hair treatment, which has led me to pursue specialized studies to acquire knowledge in diagnosing and treating the various needs of the scalp and hair. It brings me satisfaction to feel and see how my work improves people's lives, boosts their self-esteem, and makes them feel more beautiful and confident.

2022 - 2023
Nouvelle Institute /  Cosmetologist

I have developed a theoretical and practical foundation as a professional in beauty salons, spas, and other environments related to beauty and personal care.

AATRI / Craneofacial Reflexotherapy

I am a skilled Craneofacial Reflexotherapist, dedicated to promoting holistic well-being. Through precise techniques, I strive to harmonize the body's energies and enhance overall health for my clients.

2020 - 2021
 Orly Beauty School / Integral Beauty

Training as a stylist with an open mind to change, ability to serve the community, responsible for the protection of health, the environment and nature.

AATRI / Analytical Trichologist

As an Analytical Trichologist I use hairdressing skills to offer hair cutting, styling and coloring services, as well as trichology and hair analysis expertise to provide personalized solutions to improve scalp and hair health.

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